Here it comes, in all it’s hair band glory. Here comes the best of the 80's. Rock and Roll, cocaine and sweet rides, they’re all here! Well, except the coke and the rock. It’s really just some sweet 80's (give or take a decade or two) rides, dude. Rock on.

The light blue Mustang was part of my old collection as well as the SC400! The sweet blue Demon is staying with me so I can give it to my dad as he has a ‘74 Duster (For those not from the ‘70's, those are the same car - except one said “Dodge” and the other said “Plymouth”. GM may have perfected badge engineering in recent years, but, it started a long time ago.

Box 32 - Convoy!

Box 31 - A splash of Lesney

Box 30 - Defunct is the New Cool

Box 29 - The Gas Man Cometh

Box 28 - Trailrated

Part 2 (Boxes 15-27)

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)