Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed your collective weekends!

Today I have for you another selection of Hot Wheels cars. They do seem to pretty much all be from the last few years - or at least since they started doing the HW series cars (HW Workshop, HW City, etc.).

Interestingly, there are a bunch of movie cars in this box too. And, not necessarily movies where the car was a prevalent feature of the show. For instance, without looking at the pictures below, can anyone tell me what truck was in Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Or has anyone even heard of a show called Simon and Simon? Yeah, me either. How about the crappy Nova from Beverly Hills Cop? Actually, nevermind, I’ll take that one!

Regardless, here they are!

Box 51 - The More HW The Merrier

Box 50 - The Return to HW

Box 49 - Majorette - Wife of the Major!

Box 48 - Matchbox-ho!

Box 47 - Hot in Wheels

Box 46 - Some Like it Hot Hot Hot Wheels

Box 45 - Hot Wheels Extravaganza

Box 44 - Hot Wheels are Hot

Box 43 - Bad Boys 3

Box 42 - Fire in the Hole!

Box 41 - In the back of the Benzie...

Box 40 - Stop, Drop, and Roll

Box 39 -Flippin’ Old Rebuilt Dodge

Box 38 - Free Candy!

Box 37 -Major Pain

Box 36 - Trash Talk and Towing the Line

Box 35 - Found off Road Dead

Box 34 - Goodies!!

Box 33 - Back in my day.

Box 32 - Convoy!

Box 31 - A splash of Lesney

Box 30 - Defunct is the New Cool

Box 29 - The Gas Man Cometh

Box 28 - Trailrated

Part 2 (Boxes 15-27)

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)