A lot of folks here must be pretty tired of reading the words “I’ll update my trades page soon,” and I don’t blame you. I was getting tired of typing it, so I put some time aside and got a large part of it done; the loose cars page now have most of my recent flea market finds, at least the ones I can part with. I may add more as I find them.


Some of the photos NEED to be re-shot, I know this, and I’ll get to that, but no promises.
I have to add names/captions to all the new cars, and I’ll get to that sooner. Some of the castings on the page have been spoken for, and I’ll be putting PENDING TRADE labels on them. If you’re worried about a diecast we’ve spoken about trading, and I haven’t emailed or commented to you in the last few days, please contact me somehow and remind me of which car I was supposed to be holding for you. If you see anything new that you like, contact me to discuss it, I’ll let you know if it’s being held for someone if you get me before I label them as such.
I have a couple more things to do, and then I’m jumping in the shower and passing out for the night. I am exhausted!
Thanks for your patience everybody!!