Hey all,

I only had a couple people follow up with the models they wanted from last week’s selection. I am now posting the remainder as a lot (easier for me, a good deal to the right buyer), to the LaLD Marketplace fb page (my first post there). It should be up soon - update: it’s up now:


The lot includes: French Dinky Simca Ariane, Dinky Plymouth Plaza, Dinky Studebaker President, Corgi Monkeemobile, Corgi VW KG Type 3, Corgi VW tow truck, Corgi Heinkel, Corgi Cortina estate, Corgi Ferrari.


The price will include shipping and 4 surprise mystery castings, all old, all unusual.

Here is the lot:

This pic is an attempt to show some opening features, but models of this era often had such parts not weighted properly for display, and they don’t stay open long:

Hopefully the ad will be up soon.