Reader beware, this could get loooong! Don’t worry there are plenty of photos too.

My girlfriend and I are finally back from our vacation and I now have time to post pics from my HAWL and adventure.

We went on a 12 day vacation starting in Frankfurt for the Frankfurt international auto show, then Stuttgart for the Porsche and Mercedes museums, then Füssen for the Neuschwanstein Castle, rented a car and drove to Luxembourg, went to Nurburgring and rented a car to drive the track, drove to Paris stopping at Belleau to see a WWI battlefield and memorial cemetery and after Paris did a tour of Normandy seeing Ohama and Utah beaches. Between the, IAA, and the Nurburgring I acquired 5 new 1:43 models. The last two times I went to IAA alone I probably got twice as many, but the display cabinet isn’t getting any bigger so I had to be selective. Luggage space was also limited so that factored in as well. Also, I have most of the cars I want and the ones I wanted to buy were really expensive (see post about $300 1:43 Bugattis)


I forgot to take pictures around IAA of the diecast merchants, but it looked a lot like the photos I posted 2 years ago the last time I went. I did end up buying the 2017 IAA edition Porsche, although I had to buy it from another store that bought out the inventory from Porsche, then sold them at €30 above the price if I got it from the Porsche booth. They also had a 2013 IAA edition that I had not purchased when I went there for the first time, so I got that too. I also found the 1938 Bugatti Atlantic for about €15. Lastly I got the new Ford GT from the Ford booth. I really would have loved to add that Bugatti Vision to the collection, but I can’t justify $300 for a 1:43 even if the detail was amazing, maybe I’ll find one for cheaper in the future.

I was let down this year though that some manufacturers’ displays weren’t as big as they had been in the past, and some either didn’t have cars for sale, or didn’t have ones I wanted. I would have loved to take home a model of the Mercedes Project One. That thing was amazing to see in person.

Mercedes Museum

This is one of my favorite museums in the world and I had to share with my girlfriend. There were some small changes, but mostly the whole place is the same. In the gift shop they had a good selection of different diecasts, mostly models of current production cars, but ultimately I did not get any. There were certainly some that I really liked, but they were either too large (like this T-80) or too expensive)

The case for this was about twice the size of a normal 1:43
1:18 models were €€€€€€€€€
This guy would have been awesome to add to the collection, but they didn’t have an SL-R to put on top of it and it was too large to fit in my current display cabinet
These are all models of current production cars so you can have a toy car for your real car!
The entire diecast selection at the Mercedes Museum
Some interesting models available


Last time I was at the Nurburgring (4 years ago) I remember there being a great selection of diecasts at the paddock for the grand prix track. I was not let down (mostly) this time around. Almost all of the available models were race cars however, which I’m not AS into as road going variations, but it is a race track so it’s understandable. I almost picked up an E86 Z4M race car (closest thing to a model of my real E85 Z4M roadster I can find), but the Mercedes SLS GT3 was more appealing.


Check out the selection in the paddock store. (I can’t find a control to rotate these images, sorry)

Back home

So if you’ve seen any of my old posts you might know I live South of Miami. The weekend before we left on this vacation we had to evacuate to Atlanta due to hurricane Irma. Before leaving I moved all of my diecasts that were on lower shelves up just in case our house were to flood. Pretty much everything that sat under 3 feet around the house we either put into plastic tubs or put up higher. Thankfully we had no damage and no flooding. When we got back from Atlanta we only had one day before we left for Europe.

Now that we are back home and I had new additions to the collection, I had the opportunity to rearrange the display a bit. I may still make some changes, but we’ll see. I was a little let down to come home and realize I did not have a production style Porsche 918. I turned down buying one at the Porsche museum because I thought I had one along with the concept model....guess I have to get one now.

My new limited edition IAA Porsches
The other 3 new models for my collection
All 3 of my IAA edition Porsches together
This shelf may need to come down one peg in order to see the top row
The DC police SUV didn’t have anywhere else to go so he will keep on eye on the Porsches and BMWs

Thats it for now, if you want close up pics of anything in my collection let me know!