You strike it rich. Like fithy oil soaked rich. Let me explain.

Last weekend my wife and I were out garage hunting as we occasionally do, mainly for clothes and toys for our infant daughter. There was one sale in our area that was on Sunday only so we didn’t go (we LDS try not to spend money on Sundays). It mentioned that they had lots of old HW and MB from the 90s and 00s. Understatement of the decade. I contacted them on Monday and set up a time to come by after work.

I arrive at this super dumpy house in a super dumpy part of town, it’s still in the high 80s around 6pm and I’m exhausted. In front of the house is a full on hoarders yard sale still left out from the past weekend, classy. A questionable, but nice guy meets me at the gate and let’s me in. Right off the bat I see the toy section of the yard sale and three huge bins of early HW and MB. I’m thinking to myself score, right?! I start digging through the box while the guy gets his wife who knows more about pricing and about the others. I think to myself, the others? I’m already staring at at least a few hundred perfect carded cars.


She comes out, super nice gal just like her husband. She informs me everything is 2 for a dollar and she’ll do better if I buy in bulk. Again, I’m thinking awesome, this is unreal... but wait... She informs me that these bins only scratched the surface and this was part of a 20 year collection from a deceased family member who had worked at Kmart for the past two decades...and they were selling the whole collection off!!!

You could imagine I got pretty excited at this point. Do you know what 20 years of collecting looks like with no family financial responsibility??? Well folks, let me tell you it is glorious. We are talking thousands, if not 10,000+ of early carded die casts spanning two decades. A tub of just TH, a whole tub! Another full of HW classics, another full of HW hall of fame, another of just early MB... she just keeps bringing them out, she says there is a whole bedroom full of themor so bins with at least 100 or more cars in them!

As you can probably hear the excitement in my writing I had to step away for my own good, besides I had to get home. But believe me I have a lot of sorting to go through after work this week. I most likely will have a massive trade pile to put up in the coming weeks as well. Surprisingly there are not very many duplicates that I saw while sorting, this guy was a true collecter and not really a hoarder. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m even considering buying a bulk part of the collection and selling them myself to pay for my habit. It’s just too good of a find, it’s really that good. Updates to follow...


I only had $20 in my pocket but to give you all an idea this is what I walked away with...