But, I bought it anyways and there’s a little story behind it...

A collectibles/thrift store called “Bargain Treasures” opened up a few weeks ago down the street from my workplace. You know I wasn’t going to resist visiting the place. So, last week I wandered into take a peek. Not a bad shop, very heavy on the large Lionel Trains though... But, on a shelf they had a variety of 1:43 scale Ertl cars. Usually, I hardly stop to look at these because:

A: I really really really really really want to focus on 1:64 scale cars mainly.

B: Ertl quality is “meh.” I’ve never been blown away by anything they make.

But, curious, I looked through this various Bel Aires, Nomads, and 50's era autos that are common finds in thrift shops. Then I came upon this gem...

I am not a Ferrari fan by any stretch of imagination. Most Ferraris just don’t excite me. Can’t really explain why. But, I’m just not a huge fan. So, I guess this counts as:

C: It’s a Ferrari. Bleh.

HOLD THE PHONE THOUGH! After a few seconds of admiring the subtle curves on this petite prancing horse a spark went off in my brain and I made a connection. I recognize this particular Ferrari!


Rewind a few years to about 2010... I wasn’t collecting diecast cars around that time. I had a very short obsession with 35mm slide automotive photographs. My crown jewel of my slide collection is a fantastic race-day picture of a Ferrari... a 250 GT SWB.

So, for $3 the Ertl Ferrari came home with me and I had to blow off the dust on my old slide projector to see if I had a match.

ZING!!! God. that car is just gorgeous. I get goosebumps just looking at this picture. The car is just leaning like a badass and the elements of speed are just oozing out of every detail. This is my most absolute favorite automotive photo ever. (no idea who took the picture... I bought the slide on ebay lol)

So, even though it’s a 1:43 scale ERTL Ferrari... I love it anyways.

Gorgeous Ferrari photodump:

Oh... here’s another slide you all might get a kick out of...