The Nissan NISMO Fairlady Z (Z33) 380RS, by AUTOart.

This car is still very high atop my “attainable 1:1" bucket list. And truthfully speaking, the amount of money I’ve spent on diecast over the years is creeping dangerously close to what one of these would cost in the used car market today. No ragrets. For now, the fake one shall suffice.

In essence, this is the official NISMO version of the 350Z, not the aftermarket, parts-catalogue special that is the S-tune (shown in the background in the photo above). I really wish this model had the gunmetal wheels of the 1:1 that you (occasionally) see on the streets; it would’ve given it a sportier look and more “pop”. But this one is of the JDM variety, so perhaps they get the plain silver wheels over there?

Nonetheless, a well-detailed and true-to-form replica. NISMO 5-spoke wheels are among the best designs out there, as I’ve stated multiple times before. I’ve always loved 350Z’s with wings (or just wings in general), as the wing helps “balance” out the shape of the sloping roof. However, my favorite part about the NISMO is the over-the-top rear diffuser. My god, look at that thing. You don’t see stuff this ridiculous coming straight from the manufacturer these days.


If you gave me a stock 350Z and told me to customize it to my heart’s content, I bet I wouldn’t be able to dream up anything as nice as this NISMO. It’s simply perfect.