I had quite a good day in diecasting yesterday. I got these three as gifts from my children/wife. I was super excited to see the Simon & Simon Powerwagon!

DLMing to come on these.

In the morning it was clear by the boundless ball of crazy energy that was my 3-1/2 year old, that staying at home and relaxing would not be relaxing at all. So on the spur of the moment I decided we should go to the Sunday parking lot flee market that sets up in the parking lot of a local arena. I’d never actually been there.


We got there just after noon, and being both really hot and Father’s Day, some of the venders were already bailing. The first vender with diecasts had a bunch of plastic tubs full of 80's toys. There was a LOT of my childhood in those tubs! I pulled a handful of MBXs and asked how much. He said, “Gimme a buck! Here’s a bag, fill it up!” So we did.

Hurricane-daughter picked out the big plastic Firebird and the metal trailer. I grabbed the rest.

I’m gonna fab up a hitch for the Firebird, these make a good race team set :)

This next batch was a lot more expensive at $25, but I think that’s still pretty reasonable. This was a seller who just sold diecasts, so he knew what he had.