The big cat. The Jaguar XJS coupe.

The successor to the classic Jag E-type, this was unloved by many when it was initially released, but enjoyed some sales success towards its later years in the early/mid-90s. I mean, HOW can you replace the venerable E-type?? And this car had big shoes to fill.


As history will attest, it didn’t become as highly sought after as its predecessor, but over time, these have become quite a collectors item. Time is a funny thing.

I got this big boy at a flea market. It’s a ‘made in Great Britain’ version. Visually, I think it’s quite obvious that it has been playworn a bit too much, and I think you guys will also notice the rear lights are missing too. They broke into little pieces and are still in the ‘trunk’, rattling whenever the car is moved around. I decided to leave it in this playworn state and preserve it as such.


It’s typical early Corgi quality you’d expect: heavy metal body and chassis and opening doors. Interior reveals a nicely replicated dashboard and steering wheel. However, the wheels leave little to be desired...

Quite well done interior and nice sports steering wheel too


Thanks for viewing!