Today we have 2 manufactures here, both fittingly Italian and handmade. The 250 Sperimentale is by BBR and the 250 TR by Tecnomodel. Be warned this is pic heavy. I just can’t decide which photos to add so you are getting them all! I would take the 250 TR as my real car if I had to choose because sunshine and pontoon fenders, but it would be a tough choice.

The 250 Sperimentale by BBR has a beautiful body shape. While the Tecnomodel TR is equally as good due to the funky nature of the Sperimentale’s shape. In my opinion this slightly oblong fender shape makes it harder to make the model look right, so big props to BBR there. The rest of the model is awesome as typical BBR. The paint is real Ferrari paint and looks the part. Wheels are top notch. My only small complaint is the decal looks a little funny in bright light in terms of not being perfect, but it actually looks more realistic and really shows some texture when contrasted with the paint shine. Another tiny nit pick on my model is the roof mounted windshield wiper seems to be magically floating. It’s possible this was slightly knocked at some point, or came loose on one end. Regardless it’s almost impossible to tell and is nothing that would bother even in the most anal person. Of course the models kills it when it comes to window trims.

The 250 TR by Tecnomodel is just a stunning piece. The body shape and paint is just unbeatable, very similar to BBR (they don’t make a pontoon 1/43 tr). Window trims and wheels are basically the same quality as BBR’s best work. The paint pops beautifully and the side exhaust is superb. Absolutely love these cars. I recently got to see a red 250 TR I will include a photo of.


The Sperimentale’s history is a little hard to find. There is good info on Ferrari chat if anyone wants it but the quick info is a brief read here;…

Pretty interesting they did all these weird things including the rear wing stuff to help build the GTO but still managed to keep the GTO a more beautiful shape. It’s almost as if they tested which of the “ugly” body modifications actually helped. Very cool cars. There were 5 experimental 250’s.

The 250 Tr’s of course needs no info or explanation besides it was also a worthy Le Mans racer with a big bad v12, and very little to haul along with it! And those Fenders MMMMMMMMMHMMMMM

Couple photo’s I was lucky enough to shoot;

Thanks so much for looking!