The latest eighteenth to arrive, this is the Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FXX.

Once again, I continue to be impressed with Hot Wheels’ work when it comes to the scale that they don’t do often enough. The details are on point with models that cost twice as much. The quality is, overall, pretty good. I chose it in the traditional Rosso Corsa paint and without the decals that some of the other HWE ones have. Basically, the plain but pure FXX.

My example was a used model that cost me about $70 shipped, and as such, has some scratches and blemishes but no paint chips or missing parts. This, like the 599 GTO I posted a couple weeks ago, is another one of those Ferrari models where HW didn’t mess up the wheels - hence a must-have for any Ferrari fan like me. It’s the next best thing to my favorite Fezza ever, the Enzo. This is my consolation prize because I can stomach neither the tiny wheels on the HWE Enzo nor the outrageous prices of the BBR.

Hmm..... MC12, anybody?