Also, I apologize for the iPhone quality pics. Anyway, you all saw how I got on with the 300, now the Camaro. I started with the ‘68 COPO and filled in the hood to give it a cowl induction look. Painted it red, added some water slide decals from eBay and detailed the wheels.

So now on to details. I found a site that makes scale tools. As a bit of a joke, I planned on putting the Camaro on stands with a tool box and a jack nearby as he’s been restoring his personal ‘68 for almost 15 years at this point.

Next, I had my sister do some undercover work and take some pictures of the inside of his garage and my wife do up some outside graphics to make it look like his house.

Then after some careful gluing, voila!

What do you guys think? My first diorama, and my first realistic customs. Hope he likes it.