With the recent warm weather I’ve had less and less time to work on these little projects. But I still enjoy unwinding with a little paint and a dremel.

Anyway, I started this Datsun a while ago. I just added some detail, changed the wheels and added a banner. Simple enough.

Anyway, not my fav, nor did I spend too much time on it. But still cool.

Next is an update on the hoopty camper. None of the body is attached, just getting the shape of the camper right. Only painted to help get the smoothness right, it probably won’t be white when I’m done. I plan to get some tanks to fill the gap under the cab.

Here’s an update to the trailer I showed a while ago. I lowered and repainted the cab and added some detail.

So, I when I initially saw the mbx van, I thought it had just a smaller version of their common 6 spoke wheel, but then I found one (yes on 1, and no dirtbike!!!!!) And saw the wheel was different, so I actually got it. It looks like a Volk Te-37! Sweet!

Also, I think I have a scalper. No orange fuguZs, no yellow 17 nsx, I found 1 blue skyline in the boonies, no dirtbike vans, no tuk tuks. I feel like a lot of the wanted cars never make it to the shelf. Ugh. Happy hunting!


Oh! Also, there’s a G on the inside of the Datsun. Wierd huh. Would’ve preferred an engine in there though haha.