This box now has even more in it than when I took the pic:

It's time - I think I've assembled all of the models for the giveaway, now time to divvy them up and give them away.


Here's how I think this should work - I have a bunch of castings to give away. Some background - none of these are my mint boxed gems, just stuff I accumulated at yard sales and flea markets many years ago, and now want to pass on. In some cases, postage will probably equal or exceed market value. If you want in on it, you can be - there should be enough for everyone. I am not going to require money for shipment either - if you want to help out, I welcome it, but if unable or unwilling, that's OK too, I can still send something. I will try to send people something they like.

I have numerous Tomica in this lot, along with numerous 70s-ish Matchbox, some Siku and Majorette, several Matchbox train cars , and a few odd 1:43s. More or less all material is from before the 90s. Send a message about your preferences, along with your contact info, and this can get rolling. I can't promise immediate shipping, but they will arrive in time.