I have an increased respect for you master diecast customizers out there. This is way harder than it looks. The matchbox Lesney Ford Corsair is a pretty vanilla car. I had several beaters in my collection. So, it was inevitable that one of my first resto-mods would involve this car. Nothing too adventurous. Some new paint and details. A little buff and shine to the bumpers. I have quite a few customs currently in the works. But, this is my first 100% complete car. Enjoy.

Here’s what the original Corsair looks like. I don’t have a “before” picture of the one I painted. But, it was about 10x worse with lots of missing paint.

This was a good guinea pig to start with. Some of my other custom projects are coming along really well. Others... not so much. I have a Porsche 928 project that seems to be cursed. Every time I think I am close to being done... something gets screwed up on it. No pain no gain I guess.