Here’s a quick custom Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 I threw together. Thought I would share it with you today and include a little tip on helping you raise your custom Hotwheels. #Lifthack (oh wait, this isn’t Instagram.)

On with the show...

The only things I did to this FJ40, apart from the obvious wheel swap and raise was to paint the rollbar black (it was a hideously unrealistic blue before) and then paint the spotlights - with a paint pen I might add. The paint pen is your best friend as a customiser and will save you hours of time and brush drying effort.

But How did I raise it?

Simple. Almost toooooo simple in fact. To raise this FJ40 all I did was superglue the axles to the underside of the base instead of letting them rest inside. Not only did this give me an instant noticeable lift, it also gave me a slightly more realistic looking axle, albeit a bloody thin one :p


Important note: when applying superglue to the axle, make sure that the car is completely level and balanced. The other thing to remember is that superglue and customising Hotwheels are generally not the best of friends and as such I always, and I mean always recommend using less rather than more. I literally let the tiniest drop fall onto the base and leave it to dry and set. No more is required unless you plan on actually playing with your custom once complete. Playing with your custom?! whoever heard of such a thing.

The below image shows the axle sitting under the base as mentioned:

and here’s some more random shots of the FJ playing around on the diorama shelf :D