It was a beautiful day here in NY today, and the outdoor vendors were out in force at the indoor/outdoor flea dealie. Some of the cars I collared...

An almost mint Summer Jaguar, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this one. As I find better examples of anything from my obscure makes collection, I’ll be re-homing the place holders. So, if you have an obscure collection of your own, check to see if you need some place holders. We can talk.
Next in line, another ZEE Peugeot Rally Car like the one I posted a while back. Which means, another place holder is freed up.
Next, a Matchbox Superfast Citroen SM, the first of these I’ve ever found. It needs an alignment really bad...better yet, new kicks.
Last, but not least, another flea market Tomica! No. 65 Toyota Celica Turbo, in 1:62 scale. I am loving this, I thought I’d have to wait for the large Family Yard Sale event at the end of the month for something like this.

That’s all for this time, Happy Holidays everyone!