First up is a hawl I arranged with an ebay seller. Johnny Lighting has a new “Gone Fishing” series were the vehicles come with fishing boats. I had no interest in the boats but wanted the vehicles and was able to find an ebay seller with a lot of loose 1/64s who was selling the separately.we negotiated for me to buy three vehicles of the set w/o the boats, along with two other Greenlights for a very reasonable price.

This was the truck that set the whole thing in motion. I had an almost visceral need for this truck, given I own one in worse condition, that will eventually be green when the bodywork is finished.

And the same truck in pristine condition

This ‘64 Vista Cruiser wagon is going to look epic towing a greenlight camper trailer.Also both the hood & the tailgate open on this diecast.

The Family Truckster is going to join four other green-with-woody-vinyl wagons in my collection.

And I got this ‘68 Chevy because I love when old pickup trucks are still used as work trucks.

My Partner and I visited a local flea market we’d not heard of before, and I was able to pick up these two cars from a dealer there. The Sunagon is darn near mint (which means I still need to keep my eye out for one rough enough to modify/repaint), and the Revell Lowrider S10 was still in the package.

And here they are in action. The Sunagon’s roof works perfectly, and not only does the S10 have front & rear suspension that raises & lowers, the bed raises up and spins 360 degrees. It spins on a loose ball though so it flops down rather than staying up. Something to see if I can fix down the line.


Hope you like them and sorry for the mediocre lighting. I really need to get the diorama done and/or a permanent photographing booth setup as I am way behind on photographing HEWPS, HAWLS & Customs.