Now that I know it’s there, I’ll be hitting that “new-to-me” flea market on a more regular basis, whether I have cash to spare or not. It usually takes me only about 15 minutes to get there, but there was a bad accident on the highway yesterday. When I went by, there was a Ford Explorer on its roof, against the guardrail. Cops and medical workers swarming all over the place. What gave me the chills was the wrecker guys pulling a cable down over the embankment, something had gone over the rail and landed somewhere below, and it’s a pretty steep incline, and a long way to the bottom. By the time I was headed home, they had both vehicles on flatbeds, and the scene was being cleaned up. When I got home I checked the online news and learned at least one person had died in the wreck.
Please be careful everyone, there’s a lot of road rage out there, over piddling shit too, and it’s not worth it.
‘Nuff said about that, here’s some photos of my new HAWL and some requested close ups from last weeks HAWL.

VW Beetle Pencil Sharpener:

I found this in a 50 cents bin, first I thought it was one of those “trying to look like it’s vintage” pieces, but it turned out to be a sharpener. 50 cents well spent.

Zee/Zylmex Porsche 959:

Philip, I thought of you when I found this one, in a dollar bucket of loose cars, and saw the rear wing had space between it and the body. Might have saved you some time?

Majorette Mazda RX-7:

I was able to talk the vendor down from $5 to $3 on this Mazda. Playworn, but not that bad at all. Opening doors, huge tires for its scale, & decent glass.


I kept to my budget of $5 for these three castings, and I think I did OK. I’m keeping the VW, but the other two will probably show up on my trades page when I do a major update soon.

I also came away with a small to medium size bench vise ($5!), something I’ve been trying to find for my workbench. My neighbor gave me some really sturdy metal legs to go under the slab of buthcer block he had previously given me, and today he gave me the box from his Father’s-Day-Gift, a new gas grill.
I’m going to use this for the temporary spray booth I’m planning. It will let me assemble the fan, filter, and exhaust ducting, while letting me cut it down bit by bit so I can find the right size for my basement. When I get it to the working size I want, I will build the final version using that rigid pink foam insulation for the walls.
It’s all coming together very nicely in the basement, and under budget too, which is very important to me.
Here are some photos of cars I picked up last week;. both are being traded:

Matchbox Alfa Romeo SZ:

Motor Max Lexus LS 43:

Last, but not least, I tried taking photos of the wall Of Johnny Lightnings in the indoor portion of the flea market, but they didn’t come out due to the lighting inside. I’ll try again the next time I’m there. But, I did talk to the guy about all the LaLD’ers that were interested. He gave me his email address if you’re interested in dealing with him directly, taking me out as the middleman. He said he does ship.
The other (outside) JL sellers either didn’t set up on Saturday, or they packed up and left early due to the heat. It was brutal out in that parking lot!
I’ll try to find them again next time I visit. I hope I’ve addressed all the questions I got after my previous visits...if not, ask again. I’ll be going back, even if I have no money to’s that good!