first weekend of the month means a trip to the flea market! I've narrowed it down to two guys who have a good selection and are flexible on their prices. I found a Fox body mustang, an FF and a treasure hunt Ford GT from a third guy, but he was asking $5 for the three, regardless of the TH. No thanks. The first guy I went to did 7 cars for $6 and the second guy did 20 cars for $15.

I normally don't buy duplicates of cars I already have, but I couldn't say no to a Laguna Seca Blue M3! Found a couple Z4 M coupes too, but I ended up getting the white one over the black.

I'm pretty sure I'm starting a pimp car collection after finding these next cars. Counting Cars on the History channel restored a Stutz Blackhawk that had belonged to Barry White. I was amazed to find that Hot Wheels had one too. This two-tone white and gold Mercedes was right next to it. The 64 Rivera just rounded the new collection off perfectly.

I happened to find this VW beetle cup that I might do over as an RSI, one of my favorites. It looks like the body might pop off the base too, there's a toggle switch that says "unlock" under it...

For my Camaro collection, a 68 copo and a 95 vert. I thought I had had the early 90's cars covered, but it was actually a Matchbox car that I had. Also, the 68 gives me a car from each of the first 4 years of production.

I picked up a few more GM muscle cars too. A 69 Chevelle to park next to my 70, and two Pontiacs: a GTO Judge and a 73 Firebird.

For Mopar Monday, I picked up a Cuda convertible and a pair of Chargers: the legendary 69 and a 71.

For my Mustangs collection, I finally grabbed a 96. I couldn't remember last time if I needed a 96 or a 99, and I ended up getting a 99 that I already had. If anyone needs a purple 99 coupe let me know! I also got a 68, Boss 302 LS, and a sweet 69 Shelby convertible. The Butterfinger 96 is just begging for some acetone...

I was able to extinguish the jealousy I had for Frosted's R35 GTR by finding a red one for myself. I also picked up a Superleggera and a V8 Vantage.

I found this awesome first edition Viper Coupe too, I didn't have his generation yet. I got this at the first guy and saw a blue with white stripes one that I would have rather had at the second guy's place, but whatever.

for the Corvette collection, I got two more C2's. The Grand Sport is just awesome and a 64 gives me a three car 63-65 run.

I've saved the best for last! My two finds of the day were these special edition Porsche 914 and Honda CRX. The CRX is incredibly detailed, and the arrival of the Hot Wheels 914 means the Matchbox 914 I had already goes up on the HWEP block...

I'm not sure if I'm going to go back next month. I'm worried my collection is getting out of hand! I've probably added about 100 cars to the fleet over the last three months.