Happy Father’s Day to the LaLDads. This morning I took a trip to the flea market for the first time in a few months. Found some good stuff!

Grabbed a few custom candidates to get me back into it! I want to do a Cobra like Philipilihp and MCNR87 did. The Baja Bug will get a full Orlove treatment.

For my concepts collection, I picked up a Zamac Aventador J, Dodge M80 pickup, and a Plymouth Pronto

I had been thinking of building up my pre-war classics collection, and I scored big today. The Packard and Caddy will get wheels swaps, but the Bugatti is perfect. I had one I my hands at the flea market a year ago but I put it back. This was the first Bug I’ve come across since then.

For my hot rods collection, I found a deuce roadster, Ford Vicky, and the 33 Ford Lo-boy that was on my Hunt list. It’s not the greatest color/wheel combo, but it’s a scratch off my list.

I found a few red Ferrari’s. The topless F50 will go with my purple F50 hardtop.

I was so jealous of Frosted’s 300ZX, but I’m so happy I finally found my own! I also got a back CLK DTM to replace a baby blue one that I have.

I found two Mopar muscle cars that I hadn’t seen before

The Plymouth Duster doesn’t have a hood, but it does have a huge engine.

This Barracuda was a bit different too, it looks like it’s set up with a drag pack.

I found a Hot Bird Trans Am that I finally liked. Some goes for the Vega

For the obscure pile, I found a Ford Anglia and a Peugeot for FFFFFFFRENCH FFFFFRIDAY!

I also picked up a VW Brasilia after talking about them a few days ago with T5killer, and I got the Uno Ford Escort rally car.


I also got a bunch of stuff to make my trade pile look a little healthier! All in all, I came home with 30 cars for $20. Plus I got in for free!