A recent outing to the market of fleas resulted in a few finds. I don’t know what the first one is, but coincidentally, Insert Amusing Line Here may have just posted a photo of one of these in a Motormax box.

The interior has yellowed over time, and the windshield looks like it needs an alignment.

Next is a nice pair of played with MBX Superfasts, Ferrari and Pontiac:

Finally, another Corvette very much like one I’ve shared before. You may recall my split window Vette with “snow tires,” well I found one with summer tires, and a chrome base. The snow tire version is on the left:

That’s one wide divider between the back window halves.
I may go back this weekend to see what else there is, but school has started and I’m going to be fairly busy earning my A. There will be more, eventually...