So incase you weren't aware, my wife loves to collect knives. Her and I (mostly her) have usernames on a knife forum. Well, someone ran a contest where if you take a pic of your Benchmade knife and submit it, you can win another knife. So I took this pic.

May I present to you, my Benchmade 32 mini-morpho bali-song. And before you ask, yes it is legal to own and carry in the state of Michigan (it is under 4" and it is only illegal to carry a fixed blade if you have ill intent to use it...but how do you even gauge that). I'm not a huge knife fan like my wife, but I do have some.


I also threw in 4 different gens of mustangs, because I love me some mustangs, :). Probably won't win the contest, but I thought it'll be cool to share this pic with you guys.

I only carry this knife on the weekends, because it does have a stigma of being a gang-related knife. During the weekdays I tend to carry a Case Russlock with calypso scales., :).