2015 Mustang is a hit, and like most Mustangs, a ready canvas for customization, in 1:1, and smaller scales.

S550 Mustang heralds the return of several aspects not seen on recent Mustangs... such as the unified side window graphic, where the quarter windows and side door glass meet as a unified form, as well as angry side-beveled headlights, and distinct 3-dimentional 3-bar tail lights.


It occurred to me that those traits are shared uniquely with the 1969 Mustang. Headlights outboard of the grille, integrated quarter windows, fastback profile, and 3-bar tail lights that extend out from the tail panel are all common traits between the two. 1970 Mustang doesn’t even share the same lighting fixture treatments.

It occurred to me that that similarity suggests that the S550 Mustang can potentially share another aspect with the 1969 Mustang... the ever-cool Mach 1 appearance and option package. Thanks to Philipiliph, I have the custom Mach 1 Mustang proof of concept that I commissioned, to illustrate the potential. More pictures of his handiwork are below.

Mach 1 supplanted GT in the Mustang line in that model year, and afterward for some time, as a well-equipped ‘deluxe’ road car version of the Mustang, where the Boss 302 and Boss 429 were motorsports homologations, and mostly stripped down for track performance.

The car shares the matte blackout hood treatment, and adds the gloss black painted roof option that the 2016 Mustang actually does offer. It also shares the side tape stripe in gold and white, similar to the 1969, albeit shifted forward to span the front wheel arch, rather than the rear, which I think suits the 2015’s wheelbase and front and rear overhangs better. 1970 Torino GT had a similarly forward-positioned tape stripe treatment, so it isn’t unprecedented.


With the modern trends for darker wheel colors, usually gray, bronze, or black, I thought bronze or darker gold tones would coordinate well with the gold stripe, and Matchbox 5-spoke wheels suit well, both fitting the modern style, and being timeless enough to look a little classic. Many Mach 1s were optioned with period-common Magnum 500 wheels, pictured above on the Acapulco Blue example.

For reference I included a stock HW first-edition 2015 Mustang GT, as well as the quite popular 2015 casting of the 1969 Boss 302. Unfortunately I don’t have a Greenlight casting of the ‘69 Mach 1 to directly reference.

If I were in the market for a 1:1 Mustang GT Premium I would definitely want to option it with the black painted roof, and add aftermarket vinyl and modifications to replicate a Mach 1. I even have a good idea on a set of custom Forgeline wheels to incorporate gold/bronze, and look like modern concave versions of the Magnum 500 wheel. I might wish to go with Deep Impact Blue as the base color, although red looks great, too.