The wonders that remain hidden in my own basement still amaze me. If I recall correctly (?), this was mine as a child. (Although, in my memory, it was a Corgi.) How it managed to survive with only a few missing parts, I will never know.

As far as I can tell, from looking these up on the bay and other corners of the web, I’m missing a radiator/cooler in the nose, both rear view mirrors, and the spare tire.

I found a “parts” car on the bay but I don’t really know if I want to try and make it any better than it is now. It’s 1:43, which I try to not acquire because of size constraints, and it seems like a deep, deep rabbit hole to fall down.

I do remember being curious, as a young lad, as to why the CBS TV logo was on the base.

I’ve been staring at this car for a few weeks now, sitting on my desk as I work, going back and forth over what to do. The “parts” cars I have found aren’t exactly inexpensive, but it could add a few dollars to this one’s value if I replaced the missing baubles.

First world problems...