Welcome again to Forty 3rd which tackles models within the 1/43 scale and smaller. Continuing my hitch and tow (borrowed from GL) models, here is another vintage Dinky Supertoys with the Medium Artillery Tractor (689) and Dinky 5.5 Medium Gun (692).

Although they were purchased together from ebay, both models were originally sold separately. Let’s look at the Medium Artillery Tractor first.

This model was made between 1957 - 1966. It comes with a driver, tin tilt and hook at the rear. This 6-wheel drive vehicle is used by the British army for towing medium artillery and equipment over rough country. Based on a Leyland Martian chassis, it can accommodate a crew of 12.

This truck has removable tilt and 2 spare tires. There is a hole on the right rear besides the spare which you can add a sitting figurine which I believe is sold separately.

Now for the British army’s 5.5 medium gun.

This model was made between 1955 - 1962. Features include elevating gun movement and movable arms of the split trail.

I like that the gun barrel has a hole even if it does not have any firing mechanism.

I see this as 4.8 out of 5 in play value due to it’s solid structure on both the gun and the truck except probably for the tin tilt. Also things do get lost too on this truck like the spare tires and tilt. 3.8 out of 5 in detail as it is more of a toy than an accurate representation of the actual model below. For one Dinky did not even put headlights on the front.

With a huge truck like this, can you imagine what damage Rambo could have done had he used this truck in ‘First Blood’? Something to think about on his next sequel?