Welcome again to Forty 3rd which tackles models within the 1/43 scale and smaller. As promised, on my last Skyline blog I mentioned that the birth of the Hakosuka should also include the GT-R and this is one GT-R you would not want to miss.

This is also my long delayed revelation on the Ignition Model that I received from Japan.

Even though this is a 3rd generation Skyline, this is the first generation GT-R (Gran Turismo Racing) model released by Nissan and info from GTRclub.org indicates that this utilized the S20 which is a 1989cc DOHC 24-valve inline-6, and was originally used in the Nissan R380. Power was rated at 160hp @ 7k rpm (comparable to the more popular German and Italian cars of the time) and was transferred to the rear wheels via a 5sp manual gearbox. The GT-R used a strut-based front suspension and a semi-trailing arm independent rear suspension.

So why is this model unique? Well for one thing most 4 door model comes with stock headlights with front and rear bumpers. This on the other hand has headlight covers, external oil cooler and no rear bumper which is more commonly seen with the KPGC 10 (where “K” is added to designated the coupe version) introduced around June 1970.

This is one nice metallic blue resin model with 14" deep rim steel tin wheel, rear spoiler, oil cooler, front lip spoiler, special racing fenders, roll bars and black Recaro seats.

The detail and color on this car is well made. I’ve also noticed that Japan is slowly releasing more of their models larger than 1/64 in resin. Although a lot of collectors liked it for being able to show better detail, I would still prefer die cast as it is more sturdy.