Welcome again to Forty 3rd which tackles models within the 1/43 scale and smaller. Another blue, another brand. Younger folks may not be familiar with this brand on an actual automobile but to us die cast collectors this has been available from Hot Wheels to Matchbox.

This is one of my hawls from overseas and some of you may have already guess what it was.

Presenting the 1979 Datsun Truck long body DX by Hi-Story.

I’m unable to find any info about Hi-Story but the back of the package indicates the website interallied.co.jp. It’s in Japanese and it list several different brands so it either owns those brands or is the distributor for them. The package also indicates Hi-Story as 1/43 scale handmade model cars.

This truck, also known as the Datsun 620 to those who collect Hot Wheels, was made from 1972 - 1979. Unlike the Hot Wheels model, this is a right hand drive. Info from wikipedia indicates the 620 was available with two wheelbases and also as the extended King Cab model from 1977. In Canada the 620 was marketed as the “Sportruck”, while American buyers knew it as “The Little Hustler”. In North America it was generally treated as a regular car, with 40% of buyers stating that they never used the truck for “work”.

The detailed on this model is pretty good. Of course there are no moving parts and I meant it literary. The wheels does not rotate at all. I would rate this 5 out of 5 for detailed, 4.7 for quality control as even though there are no problem with the model, the wheels do not roll at all. Whether this is intentional or not I’m not sure as I’ve been noticing a pattern with other manufacturer as well. I would give this 3.75 for play value as this is strictly for display and not as a toy.

Below is a comparison between Hi-Story and Hot Wheels Datsun truck.

It’s time to drive off into the sunset.