Welcome again to another round of 1/43 scale collection. Here we have a nice UPS delivery van delivered by none other than the UPS truck.

Of course if you live in the States, the UPS delivery truck looks nothing like this one. It’s because this is a Hong Kong based UPS delivery van.


Made by a company called J collection, this is my first UPS livery model and is a 1/43 Toyota Hi Ace 2007 UPS HK delivery van. The Hi Ace van is popular in Asia and I’ve seen a lot of them while visiting the Philippines.

There is a website address for this company called Jcollection-models.com and typing that address redirects you to the IXO models website so it seems like this is part of the IXO company.

It has nice interior and the wheels do roll. It has metal body and plastic chassis. It comes with 3 side mirrors and one rear. There are no opening features.

This may not have the livery of the Hot Wheels Honda Odyssey which made it into a one hot racing van but the realistic UPS livery and the wheels makes this Hi Ace a stock van I would recommend.