It’s 26/6/15 and also Friday*. Using my basic extremely basic knowledge of math I deduce that today should really be twice as scary as Friday the 13th, that being the case..... Behold!, FANGULA!!! Shiver in its presence for it’s........ah forget it, its a HW cast. Not scary but it’s frightening in its detail.

Just like an old school proper 1:1 Hot Rod, ‘Fangula’ features some recognisable parts from many production cars. There’s more than I can pick out but some of the parts that I can identify are the rear bumper from a late 50’s Cadillac Coupe de Ville(?) and possibly the tail-fins, the (single) headlight bucket looks familiar but I can’t place it, same with the grill....well as it turns out not much that I can pick out. One part I don’t like is the strange looking air intake thing, I just don’t like it and it will probably go in a future custom. Anyway, enough of my typing, have some sights and sounds. It’s Friday remember!

All rise for AC/DC with Highway to Hell. Live or recordead, your choice.

On a highway to hell.....

* It’s Friday in Australia, I can’t help it if I live in the future.

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