I bought a ton of stuff from the great Fintail haul, and most of it was loose, but not all of it. Time to set it free! Or at least most of it.

First to come out was this absolute must have for me, a Racing Champions 1/64 scale AJ Foyte hauler.

Next I opened these MBX haulers. I’m pretty sure these had previously been opened, so it was good to reliberate them.

I was surprised that the trailers are a different casting than the standard semi trailer casting. They look cool, but the rear wheels on the tractors hit the lower trailer sides, so they don’t turn much or at all The cab over turns OK, the Ford Aeromax doesn’t turn at all. Play value fail!

Next I busted out these two awesome hauler and Indy Car combos. These had also clearly been opened before.

Me thinks the scales are off :)

Group shot!

I decided to leave the Scott Brayton combo boxed, as it had never been opened and the packaging is kind of cool.