After displaying a truck last Tuesday I thought I’d share a truck as well this French Friday. And yes: the fourgonette part is wrong on this one, as fourgonette actually means a van. But French Camion Friday alliterates badly. But here I present you the Citroën U23 Bâché Usine.

So Citroën made trucks as well? They sure did. And the U23 lasted for over 3 decades. Although the last one, the one you see here, was quite different when it comes to it looks than the one introduced in 1935. That truly was a pre-war truck.

This last iteration of the U23 was introduced in 1958 as the U23R Série U and that’s the one I’m showing here. As a Michelin truck. And some of you may know there’s a connection between Citroën and Michelin: After one of Citroën’s many financial issues Michelin became it’s principal shareholder in 1935. Pierre Michelin even became chairman of the board at Citroën’s.

Several engines were available for the U23. From engines taken from the Traction Avant (even the 6-cylinder) to the ID19’s engine. But of course there was a diesel as well: Citroën sourced a 52hp 4 cylinder diesel of Perkins. Displacement: a whopping 3153cc!

Sinpar even created a 4x4 version of this U23. So it was a true versatile truck that ended up doing all kinds of transportation. It was used by the army. It was used as a coach. It was even used as a hearse.

So what does that Bâché Usine mean? The Bâché-part means it has a tent of heavy-duty waterproof cloth, tarpaulin. Usine translates into Factory and probably means it has a Citroën-factory built body as one could buy a bare chassis/drivetrain as well and have a carrossier build a body / setup around this as well.

The model itself is an Altaya 1/43 from a special series of Michelin-related cars. I’ve got a few, even a yellow true fourgonette HY. But this one and it definitely relates better to Tuesday’s Trucking post.

C’est ca. S’il vous plait montrez-moi autres voitures Francais aujourd’hui. Bon week-end!