Do you remember when current Ferrari F1 team driver Kimi Raikkonen left F1 at the end of the 2009 season to begin his rallying career? No? Neither did I. I totally forgot about that.

This 1/43 model from the usual Rally Car Collection magazine by DeAgostini is a replica of his 2010 Rally Sweden car. As usual, it is a very detailed model car. Tampos of the sponsors and all else are top notch. However, if I were to be pedantic and find a niggle on this model, it’d be the fact that Swedish rally cars don’t have such low profile tyres and a low stance. The tyres replicated on this model don’t have such high sidewalls and small rims, instead get large 18-inch style rims and low profile tyres a la Monte Carlo rally style. I suppose this was done in order to easily “change” the wheels should a Monte Carlo version need it...

But overall this is a fantastic model of the C4 WRC. Especially so when it’s a rare Kimi Raikkonen version!

Thanks for viewing!