Because it's LaLD's birthday this week my entry for this week's 'French Friday' will be a bit different as well. I must admit we haven't done 'les Vendredi Francaise' for a year already, I'm pretty sure it (or rather: I ;-) ) started somewhere in August 2014. But I'm happy I got into this 'community' as it brings me lots of joy, teaches me stuff about non-Euro cars, dioramas and photography and made me add a new scale to my collection as well (1/64s).

So thank you all for being around and showing your awesome stuff!

Today I'll show you two cars, utterly French and with great significance for the French car-industry. Both of them have appeared already in previous posts (other 'specimen' than these though) of mine but I thought it would be nice to put these two together in a shoot to see how they 'react' to each other.

So what's so significant about these? Well, the Renault 4CV was simply the Beetle for France. Of course Citroën's 2CV helped a lot as well but the 4CV was the first French car to reach over a production number of 1 million cars. And the lay-out of the 4CV, with it's rear mounted engine and RWD, made it highly accessible for all kinds of coachbuilders to create sporty versions of it. To prove it's awesomeness when it comes to engineering of the 4CV just look at this video in which 26 people assemble a 1:1 car within 5 minutes. Easily.

And it was the first car to be used by Jean Rédelé's Dieppe-based company 'Alpine' as well. The Alpine A106 used many mechanical 4CV parts and was the A110's grand-father. That A106 actually was heavily influenced by an American project, the 'Marquis'. But the A110 still is one of the best looking cars ever produced. At least, that's the general idea in Europe, as well as in Japan. Not sure if it's got a great following in the US but I just can't imagine someone disliking it's looks.

And the A110 above has actually 'stanced' rear wheels! Which makes it very hard to let it just roll but in it's days the A110s really had negative camber so I'm really happy with that.


But, as I said: This post would be about comparing the two a bit. So I took two 1/43s of the same manufacturer, Solido. And I got my biggest Diorama and an old LP with some 'French cover'. And here we go...

And the first thing that really stands out is the A110's height: It's so extremely low! And yes: Solido's still not my favorite when it comes to quality. It's nice (that 4CV is actually pretty good) but there are so many better ones. And the A110 deserves more than this. But I'm sure French Friday will survive on LaLD and as it is such an epic car many other A110s will be displayed over here in the future. I sure hope so. That 4CV as well...

Stance Works FTW!

Encore une fois: Merci à vous tous! Disons simplement ajouter une autre année. Au moins.