I was so happy to get this one, the Red R5 Turbo. Sure, it isn’t the most unpopular car on French Friday but the red Norevs are a bit rare in 3" and the R5 Turbo is awesome beyond anything. And yet it disappointed me. Quite a bit. As it isn’t flawless. Better yet: No idea how it made through Norev’s QC department.

The blue one isn’t flawless either but that one at least stands correct on it’s feet. The red one doesn’t show when looking from the left but if you turn it...

Yep, that’s bad... It probably will look a bit like this going flat out accelerating with that weight in the middle and it’s RWD en profil but that front is totally off.

So I’ll just show it from the left and behind a bit, sorry. And no need to elaborate on it’s history as the story is well known. It might even be the most used car on French Friday posts, it’s either this one or the A110, I’m sure of that.

Even I’ve shown a few, either Rally or homologation/road cars. My favorite one thus far probably was the Ragnotti Eligor 1/43. But that could have to do with the epic person involved in that one. Best one is yet to come though as it’s one of the few cars I actually own a 1/18 of.

But what to do with this red one? Well, it has to be corrected obviously, so to the workbench / slaughter it is. Darned.

So that’s it for today. I’m desperately in need for some time-off so thank God it’s friday. Bon Week-End!