In the suspense leading up to the great 24 hours of Le Mans, it is great to look at the past champions, or cars that had promising performance but failed to make that promise truth during the race. This car however is none of that, instead we look at what could have been.

I present to you a car about which not much is known, the 1969 Alpine A220 Aileron Test Car. Which is basically a long tail A220, but with a giant Aerofoil over the middle of it. I think, and this is speculation as there isn’t much to be found about this car, this car was intended to improve the high speed downforce of the A220. Of course such a high speed objective nicely matches the high speed character of le Circuit de la Sarthe.

All I could find was that the car ran with this wing during the practice for the 1969 Spa 1000km, however since high rear wings were banned later that year, it never made it to Le Mans in this form. The only thing other I could find in my (be it limited) research was one picture of the original:

Which shows the craziness of the real wing. As the A220 has already been covered this time last year by TFritsch, and I am a bit short on time, I won’t tire you with further history.

The model is a resin 1:43 Spark, which I got in the Diecast Select discount sale a while back. (Shout out to fellow Dutchies philipilihp and Jobjoris for getting it to me.) Being my first high quality 1:43 I am really stunned by the level of detail. It’s really impressive how Spark was able to create such a detailed wing, based on only a few pictures(and maybe a few drawings). I love how well proportioned most of the parts are, the wing stands and wipers are for example are a very good thickness, as are the exhausts with real openings(!).

Only (slightly) negative point I have is that there are a few minor blemishes in the paint, but I really can’t complain given the deal I got on it. Oh, and on the base it sits slightly banked, not sure if that was intentional, but it looks like it is taking a left corner (even with ‘suspension’ compression), which is kinda cool.

Anyhow, to everyone that will be watching the race tomorrow: have fun! I’ll try to catch as much of it as possible, but I have to finish a few reports for university, so not sure if I’ll be able to watch more than a few hours.