Le SUPERCAR FRANÇAISE, it says on their website. Yet I’ve never seen any proof of an actual driving car. Small Scale Sydney had his doubts already two years ago and I don’t think Genty, the French Supercar company, finished a production-ready Akylone in this period.

The renderings on the Genty website do show a slighly different car though as it’s not as “edged” any more. And those headlights got a total make-over. Only the McLaren-esque rear clearly stayed.

It’s supposed to be a hybrid with a twin turbo, 900hp 5.2 liter 90 degrees V10 and a 300hp electric motor. No words how this all is directed, all to the rear wheels or maybe the electropower goes upfront. What is clear on the website is that Genty is...

Looking for funds.

Pour accélérer notre développement, nous avons lancé jusqu’au 16 juillet 2017 une nouvelle levée de fonds ou chacun pourra intégrer la société en devenant actionnaire à partir de 1015 euros d’apport.

Wouldn’t invest 1015 euro in some stock of this project but who am I.

Still it’s nice to see that Majorette makes a 3" of this . They have a few colors, GT-RGuy showed us the normal orange one already a little while ago.

Mine is slightly different though: It misses the grey piece on the side and the orange is of the matte kind. That’s because this one is from Majorette’s Limited Edition Series, no idea how really limited these are though. No idea how accurate it is and I’m sure no one will be able to tell with it being a Phantom anyway. It is a bit high on it’s front axle, a bit like a MEGA Track.

So, and that’s it already again. I won’t bother you all with more specs on something that isn’t real anyway.

Bon Week-End!