This week is excellent. Not was just my 1:1 Pao transported to Kobe but this week, at the Geneva Salon international de l’automobile, Alpine finally released all necessary info on the newly introduced Alpine A110. And no: I haven’t got a model of that new one yet but it is an excellent opportunity to show of a somewhat bigger A110-50.

It’s another Norev, 1/43 this time. The 3" I showed over a month ago so I’m sorry if you’re getting tired of all those Alpines but I just can’t help my self, that’s just how excited I am! I promise to wait a little for another Alpine in the near future.

And this Norev is excellent. It probably is one of my favorite casts that I have. I had the idea to recreate those epic press/promo photos Renault released while they were introducing the A110-50, those shots with the classic A110 next to it. But recreating that actual scene will have to wait, I need a more appropriate (non rally-livery but with rally lights) classic A110 to put next to it. And a better diorama with wider streets.

What I instantly noticed was the size of the A110-50 when I put this classic A110 by Eligor, also in 1/43, next to it. It’s so much bigger. Where the original A110 was 3,850 mm, the A110-50 (for celibrating the 50 years of existence of the initial A110!) was 4,330 mm. So half a meter, that shows.

But the biggest difference was in it’s width. It had grown half a meter there as well (1,961 vs 1,450 mm)!!! But hey, it was just a concept... The actual new Alpine fits perfectly between ‘m with it’s 4,178 resp. 1,798 mm.

And speaking about that actual new one: I know some hardcore Alpine connaisseurs are disappointed in the fact it’s not a true RR anymore, nor that there hasn’t been announced a Manuèl transmission yet. But that automatic transmission might be not so bad when I look to replace my current automatic DD in the end of 2018. Just not sure if Mrs. Jobjoris will be glad (or rather: approve) with it’s (lack-of) size.

Till then I’ll just have to find a decent 1/43 of it. I’m sure Norev will release that pretty soon or that you’ll be able to get one at your local Renault dealer though.

Want some more detailed shots of that Norev A110-50? Those wheels...

That tow-hook!

There is a Jean Ragnotti angle on the A110-50 by the way (for those who are interested, I know at least one of you is!): when shooting that A110-50 promo video for it’s introduction there could only be one man at the helm of it. Mr. Renault him self.

You actually see the difference in size in this video as well, scroll to 2:22 and you see what I mean.

Well, that’s it for this week for me. I’m glad Renault finally announced the new Alpine’s specifications/list-price and I hope the new A110 will make it worth after waiting this long. Although it would have been nice if they’d done it two years earlier during the 60th birthday of the Dieppe brand.

Or actually, if we’re subtracting some years while they were not making any Alpines we’re not even near 40 years of age... Never mind: Alpine is back! FINALLY!

 Bon Week-End!