This isn’t the first time I’m showing a Patron des Autoroutes, a highway patrol car from France. It even was a Renault Megane RS back then, by Tomica. Only this time I didn’t get it from Japan, this one is truly French. As it’s a Norev.

Well, truly French: I’m sure the Norevs aren’t exactly produced in France, nor will Tomicas actually still being assembled in Japan. But this gives us the opportunity to compare the French interpretation with le Japonais.

And I know I said I hated the wheels of the Tomica. But one thing Tomica definitely has better is that stance. Or is that Tomica an RS for a reason?

My guess would be Norev just got the normal Megane 3-doors Coupe from their Renault dealer merchandising and made this from that. And that’s odd. Why? As the Gendarmerie actually does use RSes.

And that wicked metallic blue the Tomica comes in seems to be more appropriate as well actually. Of course it’s a bit cartoonish but somehow I feel it replicates the Gendarmerie Meganes closer than the Norev.

Just those painted headlights should be glass, just like the Norev’s. When it comes to the interior the Norev is king though, style of wheels probably as well. It is way up too high on it’s wheels, no doubt.

“I’m sure the navi told me to turn left?”

The fact alone the Gendarmerie still uses really fast cars is also historically correct. These were preceded by epic cars like Matra Djets, Alpines A110 and Alpines A310! But that’s, indeed, for another French Friday!

C’est ça! No need for more info on these I suppose, if you do need more just ask in the replies!

Au revoir et Bon Week-End!