As I mentioned last Sunday there was one French cast in the vast amount of casts in the package from Shopteacher. And with the newly released R5 Turbo (new livery) by Norev I thought it was an excellent moment to skip Micro Machines Monday and show this one on French Friday instead.

So that is the one in the middle, looks a lot like Ragnotti’s Tour de Corse number 7 in 1/43 I showed before, to the left of it. The Norev is a 3" which actually is 1/54. Same cast as all those Norev R5 Turbos I’ve shown before, obviously.

The usual flaws (rubber on the wheels isn’t fitting perfectly on all of the wheels, paint where yellow and white meet on the bumpers) but good lord: those tampos look great on it!

And it’s another Ragnotti car, the one he won the Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo with in 1981. Another issue one could have with it, with the nitpicking modus on full alert, are the wheels. These are the homologation special wheels, not the Minilite wheels they used in rallies at Renault Sport back then.

Might be my new favorite 3" Norev though. They also released a red A110, but that is no where near as great looking as the blue A110. That’s for another day/week/month though as I probably showed to many Alpines lately anyway!

And with such a short cast I’m just keeping it short, enough was told about Ragnotti and/or the R5 Turbo before anyway. Or should I start customizing the MM and add some S.E.V. Marchal logos on the rally lights of the Micro Machine?

Et c’est ça! Encore: Merci monsieur Enseignant pour le Machine Micro! Thanks to you I’ll have to skip some Spaghetti Sundays and fill up some ‘Murica/MicroMachines Mondays next weeks!

Bon Week-End!