I’ve already mentioned that the Clio V6 Phase 1 is my most favorite automobile ever made. Feel free to check out my LaLD car-week pinnacle piece submission here:

It was only a matter of time before I scored a 1:64 scale version of this incredible monster. This near mint example popped up on eBays alongside a throwaway fire truck. I know that Maisto’s quality can be hit or miss. Thankfully this cast is very nice and the wheels are pretty close to perfect for this car.


The paint job is incredible. Excellent luster and tone. The tampos are mostly lined up correctly (logos on the hatch are a bit wonky). The axles are slightly too long. But, not as bad as some other Maistos I have encountered over the years.

Not a bad score for cheap. I’ll be looking for more in the future to possibly customize. This one I will leave alone and admire.

The worst part is the base... oh my god... the base...

Someone at the Maisto design office did not get the memo related to this car. I’ve seen quite a few terrible bases on diecast cars but this one is close to king. First off, this is a Mid Engine Rear wheel drive car. So, I’m not sure what groceries are pushing that drivetrain from the front, I can’t imagine carrots or milk make that much horsepower. And the exhaust is waaaaay off. You’ll notice that this lovely car has two tubes to expel the lovely exhaust notes through the lower bumper area. The single tiny pipe pointing toward mystical exhaust land where unicorns and minotaurs frolic and mate is just craziness.


To think... someone out there designed this base and doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about cars or their job. *sigh* Give me that job! Put that disillusioned sap in Accounting!

Thanks for reading :) Happy French Friday.