Another ‘72 Le Mans competitor from Solido today, this one the fantastic MS670 that XJDano found me for Secret Super. This one wears perhaps the most whimsical bodywork of the many variants MATRA used during the three years these were raced, this being the “Long Tail” version.

This particular car, MS670-02, the second of three chassis built, was driven by perhaps the most beautiful man ever to race a car, Francois Cevert, and Howden Ganley of the UK. They would achieve second place in 1972 behind one of the greatest pairings in the history of motorsport, Henri Pescarolo (perhaps you’ve heard of him...) and Graham Hill. Graham Hill! Also driving an MS670, of course, the short tail chassis #MS670-01.


The MS670 has been covered here before, of course. It was tailor-made for the FIA’s new-for-’72 3.0L prototype regs, which themselves, it is theorized, were tailor-made for MATRA because France, she wanted to win her crown jewel overall and was tired of Ze Germans mit their loopholes and big flat twelves. So MATRA slung their V12 into a new sports racer that would replace their ill-fated MS660 and gun for Le Mans.

As with yesterdays Lola, the ride height is a bit much. Also the number placard is damaged a bit, these decals are fragile.

Le Mans would be the first and only race for the MATRA squad in 1972, and they were all in with three cars. The would also win in 1973 and ‘74, again with Pescarolo at the helm in both cases. Of course, the 1972 running was marked by tragedy as I mentioned yesterday, with the awful death of Jo Bonnier in his Lola. Francois Cevert would likewise be killed about a year later, in a crash at Watkins Glen. He was 29 years old, one of so many amazing talents lost too young in pursuit of their dreams back then.

This model is again by Solido and is a wonderful older cast, a great find by XJDano! It’s in 1/43 of course, and though not exactly correct by modern standards, you can tell this French company took pride in doing it well in its time. Happy to have it.

Bask in the long tail goodness. Those vertical fins should be yellow.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day, don’t get too Irish out there, kids. Have a great weekend!