This one was the main reason for getting a final lot from Fintail’s Sale of the Century. Although there might come another one...

Matchbox’ MB15. Another one I had in my younger years. But somehow I decided to paint that one blue. Without any skills whatsoever apparently. Because it came out terrible. I was young... And I have it somewhere, it will be stripped, certainly now I’ve got this one.

This one still is great of course as it came boxed. The colors of PSA sport have faded a bit, on the driver’s side that is mainly. The red got a bit pinkish.

No need to go into it’s Group B history. If you do wanna know more: I did a small piece on it two years ago that could be a start for you.

And it actually is a bit of a surprise it’s as well known as it is: It only was successful (world championship) for 2 years? The group B part probably helped it getting le grandeur épique it has.

So another short one this week, if I’m not mistaken we’ll see another one of these today. Right Inliner?

Bon Week-End!