Another little French gem. Totally unknown. So confusing the producer of this diecast even named it wrong. Because according to Altaya this is a 1973 ‘Simca CG 1300 Coupé’, even the Simca logo displayed on it’s base. But all Simca did was supply the engine. Okay, the chassis as well.

‘CG’, short for ‘Chappe et Gessalin’, that’s what the name of the company that created this little beauty was. Started as a company building the fiberglass bodies for DB and Alpine. So there’s your connection with Alpine. Before that they produced aluminium bodies for both Talbot and Delahaye.

Their first ‘own’ product was the ‘A 1000’, based on a Simca 1000. This 1300 Coupé was based on a 1000 as well but not your ‘bread & butter’ 1000. No, the infamous 1000 ‘Rallye 2’ was used for this one.

It’s 1294cc engine put out 85 hp, in competition trim this was easily raised to just under 100 hp. Weighing 660kgs and it’s engine in the back made it nimble and fast enough to outrun most traffic of that era.

It proved to be CG’s Swan Song though as Matra’s Bagheera was easier to produce and adopted by Simca to be ‘their’ sportscar, leaving a very small market for CG. Add an oil-crisis and limitation of speed limits entering European countries to this and there you go: filed for bankruptcy in 1974.

So who were behind the CG-company? It wasn’t just 2 men, monsieur ‘Chappe’ and monsieur ‘Gessalin’, the ‘Chappe’ in the name came from 3 brothers: Abel, Albert and Louis. And Amédée was kinda family as well as he was married to the older sister of the Chappe brothers. A true family-business. To emphasize this: Amédée was replaced by his son after he died.

The logo of the company has a story behind it as well. It’s a rooster. Because the company was located at the “Rue du Coq Gaulois” in Brie-Comte-Robert. And a ‘Coq’ is a rooster. And more than this obviously, the rooster has been the national symbol of France for ages.

I really need to find more information about the company but info is scarce. Unless you speak French. Of course. So I think there will be a second post of CG for me if I ever find another model of them.

So for now I’ll just show some pictures of it’s beauty.

Well, that’s it for this week. Maybe you’ve noticed my newly acquired diorama, it’s from Vanguards and there’s supposed to be a police car and a Jaguar to go along. But those are more for a ‘Fish & Chips Friday’.

That wooden traincart I used for panning ;-)

And then disaster struck and I dropped the CG... There’s it’s muffler laying to the left of it...

C’est ca, bon week-end!