New - to me - release by Norev: the R4L in Gendarmerie outfit. And all I can see when I watch any R4 nowadays is that it is so obvious where Le Regie looked at when they designed the R4: Japan.

They obviously copied the lovely Nissan Pao and put a Renault badge on it. I’m glad Norev chose to do the first iteration of the R4 with the old grille. Not much news to tell about both Renault’s R4 or Le Gendarmerie, both are topics well covered before.

So another post with mainly pictures, I hope you all don’t mind. The R4 is sort of mid engined so it’s actually a sportscar.

And therefor there’s something called the 4L Trophy. 4L as it was known by that name (Quatrelle) as well actually, just look at the rear of this little Norev.

The 4L Trophy isn’t just for anyone with a quatrelle though: It’s a rally for students driving from France to Morocco for charity. And those “Students” are between 18 and 28.

So entering it for me probably is a bit, well...

Sorry, I’m derailing a bit here. I really need to have me that weekend. For those familiar with my 1:1 fleet: the Be-1 has been fully accredited now, both by DMV and the local tax authorities.

So this weekend will all be about getting a license plate and waiting for that new canvas top that’s supposed to be shipped from Japan this week.

Oppo out! Bon Week-End!