I’ve done a Delahaye before, the 175 Coupé with a Motto body. The one we see here is a 235, built in de same era (1951-1954). Delahaye still mainly sold chassis to have a coachbuilder create a body for it but with this 235 it took a new path and added a body production facility in it’s factory.

That is to say: During the lifecycle of the 235. At first you still had to order a body from Chapron, Figoni, Saoutchik, Antem and others. The Chapron body looked like the one you see here and is the one that Delahaye started assembling themselves.

The engine, a 3,557 cc straight 6 with 152 hp, was the same as the 135 used. Equipped with 3 solex carburetors the engine could not compete with for instance a Jaguar XK120's straight six. Although that one had smaller capacity and less carburetors the Jag put out about 30hp more than the Frenchies.

And yet, the Delahaye was twice as expensive. TWICE! That was in the time when you needed the coachbuilder to put a body on it but even after Delahaye cut costs by implementing their own bodyshop it was way more expensive than that Jag. You could easily get an additional Traction Avant 15CV (the six cylinder) next to the Jag for that kind of money. And still have change.

If the 235 did prove one thing it was that Delahaye really relied on 30's technology (although with a highly glamarous and stylish bodies) with prices the competition could only make fun of. France’s tax system, that taxed the big engines ferociously, and economy (it was still mainly the French market Delahaye focused on) did what it had to do.

Because the 235 was the last car Delahaye made. Hotchkiss took over in 1954 and shortly after production of cars was ended.

The model is an Altaya in 1/43 scale. It’s the usual quality. The wheels are too chromish but after I’ve found a few ArtModels in this scale all other wheels probably will disappoint a bit. Different price categories.

And when it comes to the actual Delahayes: I prefer the 175 with the Motto body. Looks way more Italian. Which is perfectly explainable as Motto was an Italian coachbuilder. And that’s it for today.

Bon Week-End!