Today we’re going to see quite some Ligiers if all goes well. Opponaut Jonee is doing a masterpiece on Ligier and it’s background, TFritch is showing some racers from the company from Abrest (France, obviously) and I will show some of their scaled roadcars. Another Kinja-triptych!

Small Scale Sydney did an excellent job on the JS2 (and Ligier in general) half a year ago already so text can be limited for me today! And I totally agree with Small Scale Sydney: This is one of my favorite French cars as well. Obscure. Mid engined. Race pedigree. And a Maserati V6. What’s not to love.

And Guy Ligier was a great guy. If you want to know why check out SSS or Jonee’s post. Or look at this amazing picture of him next to a JS2. And if there’s any jacket screaming louder the 70's were full at drift, let me know!

So that explains a bit why I’ve got a few of these. One from IXO (the red - or is it orange - one). One from Triple 9, the blue metallic one.

And I don’t know a lot about Triple 9 but one thing I’m sure of: this one was made by IXO. As it is exactly the same as the IXO, besides color of the body and interior. It even was mounted to it’s base by IXO’s triangular screw! What I do know about Triple 9 (actually, their name is Triple 9 Collection) is the reason for their name: the fact that a total of 999 cars will be produced per release. And their first product was a 1/18 produced by Greenlight.

But wait: if there’s an IXO, ain’t there a low-entry level Altaya of this one as well? Of course there is...

Blue as well. Different but totally period correct wheels (check those wheels on the yellow car with Guy again!), non metallic paint and cheaper feeling/looking chromed plastic side mirrors. Those are mounted directly through the side windows. How I know? Because one fell of already! But... YELLOW LENSES!

So am I satisfied? Nope. There were seven Ligiers JS2 produced with retractable headlights (the last seven ones). If I find a decent (priced) 1/43 of that one it probably will be bought...

Usually I would easily go for bleu for a French car/cast but I’m not sure when it comes to these three. That red/orange IXO probably is my favorite one, that color is so ‘70's.

One thing I’ll definitely look for is the 1/64 Norev Jet-car Small Scale Sydney already mentioned. That probably is a bit more old school. I sure hope Norev will put a new one in their future Retro line up.

So that’s it for today, I hope you all don’t OD (I got a little carried away during shooting these!) on all the Ligiers today. Then again, they deserve a little more love. Maybe even to be replicated a bit more in car model world.

C’est ça, Bon Week-End!