The Majorette Nissan Vision and HW Nissan Vision are very similar in size

I bought these from eBay store and they arrived in 6 days. Wow that’s fast! But then again....shipping was $31.05 US. The set was only $16.01

Personally, I detest JADA cars because of that stupid 1/50 scale that just doesn’t go with most 1/64 collections. I hate the new Mattel 1/50 F&F set also but, I took a chance with these Majorette cars and I am glad I did because they aren’t that much bigger than the average HW or MBX or other brands so they’ll flow well with my collection.


I wish the Lamley Group would do size comparisons with each review so that it’ll make it easier for people like me to decide whether to buy a car or not. We don’t get Majorette, Norev, etc in the USA so that’s why I need a side by side comparison. Lamley Group.....are you reading this?

Enjoy the pics

Ahhhh! They’re so hard to repackage!

So in conclusion, these cars go well with all my other 1/64-ish cars