Guys, I don’t know what’s happened to me. I used to be all about the clean and fast. You all know me as a pretty big Porsche and BMW guy, with the occasional racecar thrown in because, well, racecar.

But recently I’ve developed an inclination to the dirty side of things. The Dark Side, if you will. Small old trucks. The lovingly used, worn, slightly rusty ones. It started with the 1957 Chevy Stepside diorama. It got me hooked.


Then I saw @lukeshotwheels Datsun shop truck on IG and Lamley, prompting a frantic search for a Datsun 620 so I could make my own version.

photo by Lamley Group

I imported a pair of FJ40s from Australia to build a Troopie with. Oh the lengths that I’ll go through to get my fix.

And then yesterday I found this. The Green Light 1967 Ford Bronco in Central Park Rangers livery (or at least that’s what I am imagining it as. Holiday season is coming fast, and Elf will be watched.). I had a hard time deciding between this version and the North Carolina police one, which is blue with a white roof, but lacks the lights on top and the spare on the tailgate. Plus, Central Park Rangers!

Of course I had to take it out on excursion right away, and it did not disappoint, doing its first TV commercial proud. Bronco! Ford Bronco!

My only slight negative point is that the hood opens only about 5 degrees, just enough to offer a glimpse at a pretty well detailed engine bay, finished in a lovely blue.

It now sits proudly alongside a row of 911s on my desk at work, offering the proper contrast to outline the two sides of the Force my fascination.